Brian McQueen Art | The Deep Well – 3/25/16
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The Deep Well – 3/25/16



“It is enough if you have a burning desire for freedom.

It will burn the whole universe

Including you, your mind, your ego and your body.

Let it burn and whatever is left

Throw back to the fire.


Anything that goes into the fire will become fire,

Even the thought of freedom will enter this fire and be consumed

And become that! It is so easy, but very few are burning to be free.

Most people want sense objects and so they enter into the universe

According to their own will.


Let your will burn in this fire

So that it takes you nowhere else.

Let yourself be burned in this fire

Of Eternity, Love and Peace.

Don’t be afraid of this fire, it is love itself.

This desire for freedom

Is the fire of Love!”                                      — Sri H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji)




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