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The Deep Well — complete

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I Lay Myself Bare


What is this constant movement

This never-ending, self-perpetuating reverberation

That ripples my silence and

The surface of my coffee

As I stand holding the possibilities

Of another endless day

Creation comes to my fingertips

With fragments

Of broken glass

That slowly becomes the essence

Of all I hold in the world

What is it that holds me

To the path of art

To this desire of creation

That asks me to expose my nerve endings

To the grit and grind

Of life

Maybe, this is the

Flame that I have always avoided

That I have always sought to refashion

In a show of misleading bravery

Where the flame is cool

To the touch

And the light

Is not too bright

Where my veiled secret life

Is present

But hardly seen

It’s the hardest of things

To be cut open raw

And know that I am

The only one who can hold

The knife

Nobody else

Not even God

Can make the decision for me

To lay myself bare

And live a truthful and authentic life

Brian McQueen, (c) 2014


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