Brian McQueen Art | The Deep Well 2-5-16
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The Deep Well 2-5-16


In my current painting, I am attempting to create a visual image that represents the process of self-inquiry, individuation, and wholeness. There are many layers to the process, as anyone who has undertaken this journey will tell you. I have never been one who can walk around telling myself, it’s a beautiful day, while ignoring the deepest cries from within. This painting, still in progress, is already prodding me to go past the surface reflection of what I see, and inquire about the whole of my experience.


What is at the center of my being? How can I integrate all that is seen and unseen into a manageable expression? I believe this is the toughest task—allowing space for everything to come forward, while staying rooted so this process doesn’t destroy me.


As I have been working on this painting, I have been experiencing a deep conversation with myself. So many voices want to be included and it’s hard not to investigate everything. When I feel overwhelmed, I just remind myself, it’s a beautiful day, and I walk to the beach.


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